7 March


7 November

23 October

9 October

25 September


9 November

  • Add new endpoints for fetching information about Hire Purchases.
  • Add new is_paid_by_hire_purchase parameter to endpoints in Bills.

14 October

12 October

6 October

11 August

3 August

28 June

  • Add support for zero to multiple bill items for bills on the production FreeAgent API.

23 May


8 December

2 November

  • Remove bill item fields (e.g. total_value, sales tax) from the default Bills endpoint response.
  • Add new nested_bill_items parameter to include the bill_items details in Bills endpoint responses.
  • Require the bill_items nested attribute when creating or updating via the Bills endpoint.
  • Obsolete: the FreeAgent-Features: bill_items header is no longer needed on the Bills endpoint as the new schema is default.

12 October


17 December

27 July

  • Allow retrieval of capital asset history, including capital allowance calculations. See Capital Assets for details.

22 July

28 May

  • Allow creation of journal entries in capital asset categories that require a sub-code (601-607). This can be done by adding a URL to the relevant capital asset type to your request. See Journal Entry Attributes documentation for more details.

23 April

  • Add new sub_accounts parameter to the Categories endpoint.

30 April

3 February


8 May

8 March

  • Add read-only payroll profile to users


2 October

20 September

  • Add endpoint for Construction Industry Scheme bands
  • Add cis_enabled to companies
  • Add the following CIS attributes to invoices:
    • cis_rate
    • cis_deduction_rate
    • cis_deduction
    • cis_deduction_suffered

12 June

  • Add payment_methods flags to invoices
  • Add direct_debit_mandate_state and direct_debit_mandate to contacts
  • Add direct_debit resource to invoices (create only)

22 May

  • Add updated_since filter to following endpoints:
    • /v2/invoices
    • /v2/bills
    • /v2/timeslips
    • /v2/estimates
    • /v2/expenses
    • /v2/bank_transactions
    • /v2/banktransactionexplanations

9 May

  • Add status attribute to bank accounts

4 May: Additional filters for bank transactions

  • Add explained and marked_for_review views to bank transactions list
  • Add latest statement upload filter for bank transactions

4 Apr

  • Add open and overdue view filters for invoices

7 Mar

  • Add support for reading RTI payroll data


3 Oct

  • Add support for viewing, starting and stopping running timers on timeslips
  • Allow timeslips to be filtered by state (all/unbilled/running)

28 Sep: Changes to Users endpoint

  • Brings the API behaviour in line with the FreeAgent web application
  • It is no longer possible to set a password for a newly created user
  • It is no longer possible to change a password for an existing user
  • Invitations can be sent to users allowing them to choose their own password

22 Sep: Expenses link to rebilled invoice

  • If an expense has been rebilled on an invoice, a link to that invoice now appears when requesting expense details.

20 Sep: NIN / UTR

  • Add National Insurance Number and Unique Tax Reference attributes to users

19 Sep: Price List Item support

  • We now support listing of single and all Price List Items

31 Mar: Email Addresses

  • Clients can now fetch a list of verified email addresses available for sending invoices

28 Mar: Sales Tax Period support

  • Support for listing, creating, and updating sales tax periods for US and Universal companies


1st Jul: Journal Sets resource added

  • journal_sets endpoint and documentation added
  • stock_items endpoint and documentation added

24 Jun: Ordering Support

  • Sorting options for listing of invoices and contacts added

3 Feb: API v1 No Longer Supported

  • API v1 documentation removed


30th Jan: Trial Balance API

  • Retrieve Trial Balance data via our API

17th Jan: Documentation Updates

  • Correction made to the sending invoice emails JSON example.


20th Nov: Sales Tax Documentation Updates

  • Sales tax documentation improved.
  • notes and comments fields added to the Estimate and Invoice documentation.

2nd Nov: Documentation Updates

  • Documentation examples corrected to show url field instead of path.
  • Maximum attachment size updated.
  • Sales tax documentation for expenses improved.